Zed1 Powdercoating is the automotive division of Topcoat Coatings

Zed1 Powdercoating are the number one source for shotblasting, polishing, and powdercoating of alloy wheels, motorcycle and automotive parts in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and the UK.


Vehicle customisation continues to be a popular activity for many enthusiasts and TopCoatCoatings can help any enthusiast maximise the appearance of their vehicle.

In the past, we have powder coated many components for cars, trucks, vans, jeeps and tractors.

We can powder coat vehicle frames, suspension parts, core supports, mudguards, brackets, alloy wheels, hubs, motorcycle frames and swing arms.

Here are a few examples of our work

Race Bikes, Road Bikes & Quads
Motor cycle enthusiasts share a wide range of interests from bike restoration right up to self maintenance and just the sheer joy of the open road.

Many of our customers are involved in the restoration of classic and/or vintage machines ranging from the big Harleys to trikes and even vintage scooters such as Lambrettas and Vespas. We've even tackled the iconic Honda 50!

Projects have included:

  • Ryan Farquaher Race Team
  • John Burrows Race Team
  • Cirrus Plastics Hot Rod
  • John Maffeys Race Team
  • Ian Dawson's Bike


Restoring vintage farm machinery is a huge hobby which is not confined to rural dwellers throughout the island of Ireland and the UK.

While ZED1/Top Coat Coatings is not itself in the restoration business, we can help the enthusiast restore farm machinery using our powder coating services and shot blasting services.

We can help you make that old Fergie look like new - ZED1/Top Coat Coatings can handle all sizes of tractor wheels, panels, seats and even a chassis!

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